Big data platform full life cycle management

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Big data platform full life cycle management

Yajun New Energy established a big data monitoring platform in 2016 to conduct real-time positioning and monitoring of products, which can realize remote upgrades, fault detection and health diagnosis of products, and realize full life cycle management of batteries through big data and edge algorithms.

Digital lithium battery life cycle management

Since its establishment, Yajun New Energy has been focusing on product intelligence, networking and continuous development of big data and cloud computing platforms. The products have achieved comprehensive intelligence and networking, and can remotely monitor the real-time operating status of any product. , carry out intelligent product health management such as data analysis, fault warning, remote upgrade, etc., to ensure the safe and reliable use of products.

At the same time, in different stages of the new energy battery life cycle, application management in different scenarios can be carried out to realize resource recovery and cascade utilization, covering the whole life cycle management of batteries.

Energy Storage System Monitoring Platform

Using the system's active early warning and intervention technology, it can carry out data key monitoring/special issue expert diagnosis/battery does not meet the operational degradation before the battery failure enters a high-risk state, extending the battery life cycle.

At the same time, statistical analysis methods such as time series analysis and cluster analysis are used to assist in the identification of abnormal states and predict possible failures in advance. The temperature difference, pressure difference, current characteristics of the charging process, and current characteristics of the discharge process are set to thresholds respectively, and the expert rules are used to carry out the analysis. Classify, carry out graded warning and intervention on batteries to reduce the probability of major failures.

Furthermore, it can be used for performance evaluation before battery dismantling, and this kind of data can be subjected to fusion calculation and statistics of various data strategies, and it can be tested before dismantling.

Big data platform

The big data statistical analysis platform (BRAIN platform) is the data of Yajun New Energy's integrated energy storage product monitoring system, after-sales system, supply chain system, sales customer system, production system and other business systems. The data volume has reached 10 billion. Level, involving batteries and core electrical components such as BMS, DCDC, DCAC; covering performance, safety, failure, life, quality, after-sales service and other analysis dimensions; enabling battery life cycle management, from battery health factor evaluation, gradient utilization scenarios Evaluation, to battery reorganization, and traceability of the whole life cycle; service groups include technical, sales, operation, after-sales, production and other departments, as well as external customers.

Big data platform full life cycle management
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