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New Energy Comprehensive Experimental Center

Yajun established a new energy comprehensive experimental center in 2014, and started the forward R&D and design work of new energy technology, and its technical level is in the leading position in the industry. The experimental center has a digital testing and testing center with an original equipment value of more than 50 million yuan, covering an area of 2,663.84 square meters, with a series of large-scale equipment and instruments, including American ARBIN battery tester, walk-in constant temperature and humidity box, vibration test bench, high-power electric Dynamometer, HIL hardware-in-the-loop simulator, spectrum analyzer, V-BOX data acquisition instrument and other large-scale instruments and equipment. The test center is equipped with battery charge and discharge test, core component environment resistance and vibration resistance test, power system joint debugging test, etc. The above tests can provide real and valuable test data for battery research and development, and provide hardware support conditions for product design, development, verification, and testing.

New energy lithium battery PACK factory

The construction of Yajun's new energy battery PACK factory fully complies with national laws and regulations, industrial development policies, and the requirements of the newly promulgated "Specification Conditions for the Power Battery Industry". The factory construction is based on German Industry 4.0 and Made in China 2025 standards, covering an area of 4,134.95 square meters, with highly automated, unmanned/less manned production, equipped with MES system, to achieve the goal of improving quality and efficiency with high efficiency, low cost, and low defective products , and finally achieve the goal of integrating the Internet, digital and intelligent factories. Through the PACK group process, multiple battery modules are assembled with battery management systems (BMS), battery support and protection systems, battery cooling systems, and charge-discharge conversion and connection devices.

Smart Factory
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