How can the energy storage industry move towards high-quality development?

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How can the energy storage industry move towards high-quality development?


At present, the whole industry chain is trying to green transformation, actively explore the green into the design, production and other aspects, "low energy consumption" "less environmental pollution" "resource saving" as the development goal. etc. as the development goal. Under the continuous penetration of the "double carbon" vision, energy is redefining the future.

On December 1~3, the 2021 Hunan (Changsha) Battery Industry Expo and the 1st China International New Energy Storage Technology and Engineering Application Conference and the 4th National High-level Symposium on Power-Side Energy Storage Technology Application officially kicked off, with the theme of "Carbon Neutral, New Energy Storage, New Development" and the goal of safety, green and high efficiency, the conference invited industry chain enterprises and experts and scholars to discuss the development of new energy storage technology.

Liu Shichuan, director of energy storage products at Huawei Digital Energy Technology Co., Ltd, pointed out in his speech that Huawei Digital Energy is driven by the development of clean energy and the promotion of traditional energy digitalization, integrating digital technology and power electronics, information flow and energy flow to promote the energy revolution and build a better green future.


Four major challenges constrain the development of energy storage

In September 2020, China clearly stated at the UN General Assembly that it will strive to peak CO2 emissions by 2030 and achieve carbon neutrality by 2060. Since the signing of the Paris Agreement, 28 countries around the world have planned to reach carbon neutrality by the middle of this century, which has greatly boosted the confidence of the international community to jointly promote the "green recovery" of the world economy after the epidemic.

Under the goal of global energy strategy transformation, the trend is to create a new power system with new energy as the mainstay, and the photovoltaic industry will usher in a historic development opportunity.

However, if PV is to become the main energy source, the combination of light and storage is an inevitable trend. As a key support technology, energy storage is an important support to enhance the efficiency of clean energy utilization, ensure the safe operation of the power grid, realize the coordinated development of the source network and load, and help the clean transformation of energy. With the rapid development and penetration rate of new energy, grid stability and system security issues are increasingly prominent. The energy storage industry faces four major challenges.

First, energy storage system security issues are frequent; second, the lack of refined management of energy storage systems, short board effect affects the actual charging and discharging capacity; third, the storage system operating temperature management is not fine, the actual attenuation of the power station is much greater than the theoretical battery attenuation; fourth, energy storage power plant delivery and operation and maintenance requires a lot of manual, difficult, time-consuming and labor-intensive.


Intelligent string energy storage solutions break the technical bottleneck

Currently, the construction of a new power system with new energy as the mainstay is the key to carbon neutrality has been unanimously recognized by the industry, and energy storage has shifted from standby to primary use, becoming a revenue-generating asset, with charging and discharging capacity becoming a core requirement. Despite the continuous development of energy storage technology in recent years, the current LCOS (levelized cost of energy storage) is not yet very competitive.

In the face of the many challenges the energy storage industry is currently facing in terms of safety, efficiency, lifetime, and operation and maintenance, Huawei has introduced Huawei's intelligent string energy storage solution based on more than a decade of accumulated R&D and application experience in photovoltaics, energy storage, and digital information technology, and the cross-border integration of key technologies from multiple fields.

Specifically, on stringing, Huawei pioneered battery module-level energy optimizer, battery single-cluster controller, and distributed intelligent temperature control architecture to maximize the solution to the problems of battery module series mismatch, parallel mismatch between battery clusters, and differences in battery temperature rise, etc. Through one pack and one optimization, the charge and discharge capacity is increased by 6%; one cluster and one management, the charge and discharge capacity is increased by 7%, allowing the battery to move from simple series-parallel connection to intelligent string architecture.

On intelligence, Huawei applies AI, cloud BMS and other advanced ICT technologies to the internal short circuit detection scenario, identifying 100% of sudden-type internal short circuits and warning derived internal short circuits, reducing the probability of related fires by more than 90%, realizing the move from passive safety to active safety.

At the same time, AI technology is used to build SOX prediction models to predict battery health in advance and reduce initial battery over-provisioning; multiple models are applied to link intelligent temperature control strategies such as battery life, battery behavior, and environmental prediction to find the optimal balance between the amount of battery decay and temperature control energy consumption, which can reduce L C O S by up to 20 %.

Modularity, Huawei's intelligent string energy storage solution adopts the modular design of the whole system: the modular design of the battery system can cut off the faulty module alone without affecting the normal work of other modules in the cluster; the modular design of the PCS can achieve a system availability of 99.9%, which enables flexible deployment and smooth expansion, minimizes the impact of failure and greatly reduces operation and maintenance costs.



How can the energy storage industry move towards high-quality development?
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