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YAJUN New Energy is a wholly-owned subsidiary of YAJUN New Energy Automobile Technology Co., LTD. Based on 10 years of experience in the design and production of electric vehicles and EV batteries, YAJUN New Energy provides the whole life cycle service of LFPO4 batteries, which covers requirements assessment, custom design, development engineering, manufacturing and recycling services. YAJUN New Energy has a professional R&D team and advanced equipment to provide tailor-made battery system solutions for customers in different industries such as electric trucks, telecom, RV/caravan and household/residential energy storage.

We can not only provide customers with cell, BMS, battery structure and other customized services, but also meet customers' overall battery integration, including cell, BMS, structure, residential ESS and C& I ESS customization needs. With our technical expertise and experience, we provide our customers with the safest and best matched customized service.

What We Custom
  • Battery Pack

  • Energy Storage

  • BMS Design

    Battery Management System, intelligently manages and maintains each cell, improves battery utilization, prevents overcharge and discharge, prolong battery life, and monitors SOC status.

  • Structure Custom

    Battery Structure design included: Compact, Size, Weight, Styled Case, Strength, Shock Resistance, Heat Dissipation, etc.

  • Battey Cell Custom

    Grepow has a variety of special cell technology systems that can achieve various performances. Facing a variety of industries, we can provide the best cell customization solutions.

  • Battery Characteristics >
  • Battery Customization >
  • Battery Structure Design >
  • Battery System Pack >
  • BMS Customization >

Battery Characteristics

High Voltage: up to 4.48V

High C Rate: Max. 50C (cont.)

Capacity up to 40Ah per cell

Extreme Low-Temperature -50℃

NMC811 275Wh/kg Energy Density

10C Fast Charging

Battery Customization

Shaped battery

Custom dimensions

Electrode Tab (2 or 4)

Wire & Pack

Battery Structure Design



Shock Resistance

Styled Case

Heat Dissipation

Explosion Proof Strength

Size and Weight


Battery System Pack

Battery pack with different voltages,capacities and discharge rates for different uses,such as EV battery, RV battery, telecom battery, home storage system ect.

BMS Customization

Shaped battery

Custom dimensions

Electrode Tab (2 or 4)

Wire & Pack

High Standard Battery Pack Technology And Testing
  • Vibration test

  • Drop Test

  • Seawater Immersion Test

  • Fire Test

  • Roll Over Test

  • Bump Test

  • Crush Test

  • Charge & Discharge Test

Customized Process Introduction
Starting the journey of improving efficiency by energy transformation 
  • Application Assessment

  • Project Approval

  • Engineering Design

  • Trial Production

  • Certification Production

  • Completion & Hand over

  • Operation & Maintenance

Customer Case

China Tower

Collaborated with RAJA New Energy to design and manufacture several custom lithium-ion battery packs and shipped over 100,000 batteries. Our partnership with RAJA New Energy over many years has demonstrated to us their capabilities in engineering and regulatory compliance. They go to great lengths to anticipate our needs. Their service is personal, reliable and trustworthy.

Sf Logistics

YAJUN provides electric truck and battery rental services for more than 300 logistics enterprises, and has reached a strategic partnership with SF Express, which will complete the delivery of 1,000 logistics vehicles in 2017.

National power Investment Group

Reached strategic cooperation with China Power Investment, a subsidiary of State Power Investment Group, to expand new energy sanitation vehicles, refrigerated vehicles, Port tractor, heavy truck and other special vehicles and other special vehicle business.

Building nationality enterprises

In-depth cooperation with five central construction enterprises (China Railway, China Railway Construction, Power China Construction, China Communications Construction, China State Construction), YAJUN New Energy has achieved 60%, the first market share in the tunnel tractor lithium battery market segment in 2022, and its products have been put into use in subway construction in major cities across the country.

  • Safe and reliable

    0 accidents for 10 years

    Our full range of professional electrical, mechanical and industrial engineers ensure that your battery pack is designed and assembled in a correctly regulated manner from the beginning of the project to the following. Our products are designed in strict accordance with electric vehicle power battery standards, and there have been no safety incidents in 10 years.

  • R & D strength

    Mature & efficient 3-electric system

    Master the new energy core BMS- battery management system, MCU- motor control system, VCU- vehicle control system three electric technology. In the field of lithium battery design and production, Through the intelligent management of the battery use process, our self-developed BMS management system greatly increases the driving range of the battery, prolongs the service life, ensures the safety and reliability of the battery, and effectively reduces the operating cost.

  • Flexible customization

    Support small quantity

    We support small batch orders, our expert team can quickly evaluate, design, test, and produce samples according to your requirements. and complete sample delivery within 7 days.

  • Full Life Cycle Management

    Ultra-long life of lithium batteries

    Based on the technology of intelligent, networked, big data and cloud computing platform, we ensure the safety and reliability of products through data analysis, fault warning, remote upgrade and other intelligent product health management. At the same time, in different stages of the long life cycle of lithium batteries, application management can be carried out in different scenarios to realize resource recovery and step utilization, covering the whole life cycle management of batteries.

  • 100% full Inspection & Rigorous Tes

    High standard of EV power battery

    We produce lithium battery energy storage products according to the high standard of EV power batteries. All products are fully inspected before delivery and pass rigorous tests such as collision, extrusion, fire and seawater immersion.

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