Process engineer

Job Responsibilities:

1. Participate in the early stage system design of new products, provide process support, trigger process breakthroughs according to the requirements of new processes;

2. Responsible for arranging and verifying the process layout of PACK production line, improving field work and improving the balance rate of line and body;

3. Responsible for the preparation, late update and maintenance of product process documents (PFMEA, process flow chart, control plan, SOP, etc.);

4. Responsible for the trial production of R&D samples, process verification and process optimization;

5. Responsible for optimization and improvement of fixture design to improve production efficiency and reduce cost;

6. Responsible for testing equipment and welding equipment debugging, process parameter setting and maintenance;

Responsible for production line personnel training, process discipline inspection, daily quality problem solving and process improvement, improve process manufacturing capacity;

Job Requirements:

1. Education requirements: College degree or above, major in electronic, electrical, industrial engineering, chemical engineering, etc.

2. Experience requirements: at least two years working experience in related industry of cell factory and PACK factory; Familiar with battery expertise and battery system production process; Familiar with battery PACK production and assembly process and test equipment, proficient in test equipment operation and application;

3. Skill requirements: Proficient in 2D and 3D drawing software such as CAD, CATIA or SOLIWORKS;

Other requirements: Strong executive ability, good logical thinking ability and problem solving ability;

Energy storage system development electrical engineer

1. Customer connection:

Responsible for customer demand analysis and program design;

Responsible for delivery management (manage the time of each project design and deliver according to the delivery cycle)

2. Product technology:

Responsible for the development and component selection of household energy storage series products (5~20kwh)

Responsible for the development and component selection of distributed energy storage series products (50~500kwh)

Responsible for electrical scheme design, electrical component selection and electrical drawing of energy storage products

Responsible for delivery test guidance and improvement of energy storage products, electrical performance and cost optimization

Analyze the technical problems encountered in the commissioning of energy storage products, and assist the production department to solve the delivery test problems

Responsible for the preparation of energy storage products technical documents, product manuals and other documents

Responsible for energy storage electrical safety, 1500V high voltage and other advanced technology research to ensure product competitiveness

3. Process system:

Responsible for the development process class document, update from time to time

Be responsible for the overseas market certification analysis, product certification and other matters

4. Market research:

Responsible for market research and analysis according to requirements, and propose solutions according to analysis results

Responsible for product cost - benefit analysis and control

BMS hardware development Engineer

1. Responsible for the design and development of BMS and CSC hardware.

2. Responsible for hardware schematic design and PCB drawing.

3. Responsible for the introduction of new product schemes/technologies, component selection including performance and cost evaluation.

4. Responsible for preparing product-related production test guidance documents.

5. Able to complete product hardware and software debugging independently, and follow up and solve problems in the sample phase.


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