RAJA's Energy Storage Batteries Attract Attention at the 2023 Smart Energy Council Conference and Exhibition

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The 2023 Smart Energy Council Conference and Exhibition was held on May 3rd-4th at the International Convention Centre Sydney (ICC Sydney). RAJA New Energy Technology Co., Ltd was one of the exhibitors with Booth No. 3B. The company showcased its LiFePO4 Battery Storage solutions ranging from 3kWh to 45kWh, including home wall mounting series and high voltage stackable series.

RAJA New Energy Technology Co., Ltd is a full-backed company of RAJA New Energy Vehicles Technology Co., Ltd founded in 2014 in Chengdu. As the first and leading manufacturer that obtained the Production Qualification of EVs in China, RAJA owns its self-developed BMS, MCU and VCU system. With the passion for the innovation and application of battery technology, RAJA's Energy Storage Batteries are produced according to the highest standard in EV power batteries. All our products are fully inspected before delivery and have passed rigorous tests such as collision, extrusion, fire and seawater immersion.

As of today, over 60% of China's Tunnel Tractors have been installed with RAJA's Large Energy Storage Batteries, RAJA has 260 professional qualifications and over 60 industrial awards. RAJA offers a wide range of battery energy storage systems and services for Electric Truck, EV Batteries, RV batteries, Residential Energy Storage Batteries, Telecom Base Station backup batteries, Residential and Commercial and Industry Energy Storage System.

At the exhibition, RAJA showcased its advanced LiFePO4 Battery Storage solutions, attracting many visitors' attention. Customers who visited the booth showed great interest in RAJA's products, especially its home wall mounting series and high voltage stackable series. Many visitors were impressed by RAJA's comprehensive product portfolio and commitment to providing clean power with greater efficiency and cost savings to customers.

In conclusion, RAJA New Energy Technology Co., Ltd's participation in the 2023 Smart Energy Council Conference and Exhibition was a great success. The company has demonstrated its innovative design, engineering, and manufacturing capabilities in providing high-quality and reliable energy storage solutions to customers worldwide. We look forward to seeing more breakthroughs from RAJA and contributing to the development of clean energy and sustainable future.



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