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RAJA's RV battery systems can store energy as much as you need for your appliances on your RV. They can be your ultimate energy pack in your RV journey, RAJA's RV battery can be charged with the car engine, PV, grid power, or charging piles!

As a leading manufacturer of RV battery in China, RAJA New Energy has mastered the core three-electricity technology and has independently developed the BMS management system. With the power battery-level standard, we produce RV batteries that are safe, durable, and intelligent. Currently, we have provided reliable RV battery products to more than 30 RV original factories.

Features of RV Battery

1. Designed to be "Deep-cycle" that means the battery system can be discharged until almost empty, then recharged. 25.6V, capacity ranges from 2.56kWh to 21.5kWh.

2. A+ class LiFePO4(Lithium Iron Phosphate) cells, up to 3000cycles(8-10years). The capacity remains higher than 80% after 2000+cycles, even after 3000+cycles(10-12years), the capacity can still be over 70%.

3. Battery cells packing process is completely in accordance with the standards of EV Battery production, embracing the laser welding techniques to ensure every cell to be soldered completely, avoiding insufficient or poor soldering.

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