3kW 12kWh Stackable Residential ESS Shipped to Saarbrucken

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Project Location: Saarbrucken, Germany

Delivery Date: Septembe 2023


In September 2023, YAJUN New Energy Technology Co., Ltd significantly advanced the renewable energy sector in Saarbrucken with our high voltage Lithium Battery systems. Our project involved delivering our state-of-the-art 3kW High Voltage Stackable Battery Systems, encompassing four battery modules with a total capacity of 12kWh, paired with a powerful 10kW inverter.


This solution, detailed at



Showcases the forefront of YAJUN's innovation in sustainable energy, epitomizes our cutting-edge approach in lithium solar battery solutions.


This customized energy solution was designed to meet the specific needs of a forward-thinking energy provider in Saarbrucken. Our high voltage Lithium Battery, known for its competitive lithium solar battery price, is specifically designed for solar storage, offering a cost-effective and high-performance solution. These lithium batteries for solar storage are integral in transitioning to a greener energy infrastructure. The 12kWh capacity ensures a reliable power supply, vital for continuous operations, while the 10kW inverter facilitates seamless integration into the existing energy infrastructure.


Serving as a cornerstone for renewable energy storage, our batteries ensure consistent, reliable power. This is vital in a region where battery for renewable energy storage is increasingly crucial due to fluctuating energy sources. Our power energy batteries are designed to meet the demanding needs of modern energy solutions, emphasizing efficiency and sustainability.


The success in Saarbrucken showcases our solar power lithium battery's capability to handle diverse energy demands, ensuring uninterrupted operations. It's a prime example of how our technology can meet the growing need for reliable and sustainable energy solutions, reducing carbon emissions and promoting environmental responsibility.


YAJUN's project in Saarbrucken is a testament to our commitment to advancing renewable energy technology with our innovative, eco-friendly energy solutions.


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