3kW All-in-One Residential ESS Shipped to Czech Republic

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Background and Challenges

In the historically rich city of Prague, there has been a growing demand for sustainable and efficient energy solutions. With the increasing need for renewable energy and self-sufficiency in power, a Prague-based household decided to adopt an innovative Energy Storage System (ESS) to enhance their energy efficiency and reduce dependence on the traditional power grid.



In September 2022, our company successfully shipped a 3kW all-in-one residential Energy Storage System to this Prague household. This system featured an off-grid inverter, making it perfectly suited for home applications where grid connectivity might not be reliable or available.


Product Features

Inverter Type: Our system was equipped with an off-grid inverter, enabling it to operate independently without grid support, providing continuous and stable power supply for the household.


Display Options: The ESS offered both LCD and APP display options. Users could easily monitor the system status via the LCD screen or remotely control and manage their energy usage through a dedicated app.


Compact Size & Design: With dimensions of 590×680×243mm, the compact design of the ESS made it space-efficient and aesthetically pleasing for home environments.


Weight: Weighing 58kg, the design was relatively lightweight and easy to install, considering the energy storage capacity it offered.


Customer Feedback

Shortly after installation, the customer was highly impressed with the 3kW all-in-one residential ESS. They particularly appreciated its ability to operate independently and the convenience of remotely monitoring energy usage via the app. Its compact size perfectly integrated into their home environment, and the installation process was quick and straightforward.


Results and Impact

The 3kW all-in-one residential ESS brought significant energy self-sufficiency to this Prague household, reducing their reliance on the traditional power grid. This not only lowered their energy costs but also had a positive environmental impact. The successful installation of this system showcased our company's expertise in delivering efficient, reliable, and user-friendly energy solutions.


Through this case study, we demonstrated our strength as a provider of energy storage solutions and our commitment to enhancing home energy efficiency and promoting sustainable energy utilization. We look forward to bringing this innovative technology to more customers worldwide.


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