All-in-one Residential ESS 2.56kWh

2.56kWh All-in-one Energy Storage

All-in-one series comes with two models, 2.56kWh(FA3000A) and 5.12kWh(FA5000A), both models have been integrated with inverter that is best suited for offgrid solar system. Plug and use type.

To be designed for homes with demand for small and medium power storage.

All-in-one Residential ESS 2.56kWh
All-in-one Residential ESS 2.56kWh
All-in-one Residential ESS 2.56kWh
All-in-one Residential ESS 2.56kWh
All-in-one Residential ESS 2.56kWh
Product Features
  • Safe & Endurable

    BMS & Inverter have been proven to be the reliable, durable based on over 20years technological hands-on experience.

  • Effortless Connection

    Inverter integrated without hassle of extra wire connection to between the battery and inverter. Plug and use.

  • For Small Power Storage

    2.56kWh & 5.12kWh cater for homes with small or medium-power loads that consume power less than 5KWH at night.

  • Built-in Inverter

    Built in a premium sine wave inverter, combined with a lithium battery module, to provide excellent performance and is suitable for charging from solar panels and powering electrical load applications.

  • Easy to Set up

    Raja all-in-one series household energy storage system is designed with PV interface for off-grid solar systems. Thanks to the compact integrated design, it is very convenient for wall-mounted installation, plug and play.

  • Smart BMS

    Powerful intelligent BMS, anti-overheating, over-charging, over-discharge and other multiple protection design, continue to ensure the stable operation of the battery, improve the battery performance, while extending the battery life.

Special Features
  • 1P8S

    LiFePO4 Cells

  • 3.2kW


  • 2.56kWh

    Energy Storage

  • ≥2000

    Battery Cycles

  • 1years


Technical Specification FA3000A
Inverter Characteristic
Inverter type Off-grid
AC rated power/Peak power 3.2kW/6.4kW
Vac input/output voltage 230Vac±5%
PV MPPT range 90V-430V
Maximum PV input current 10A
Maximum charging current 50A
Battery Chracteristic
Rated voltage 51.2V
Rated capacity 100Ah(0.5/25℃)
Rated energy 2.56kWh (0.5/25℃)
Display LCD/APP
Size 590×680×243mm
Weight 58kg
Protection level IP40
Working temperature Charge: 0-55℃
Discharge: -20-60℃
Storage temperature 10-35℃
Inverter Characteristic
Product Details
roject Cases
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