High Voltage Stackable Battery System 3kWh

6.144kWh~21.504kWh Stackable

High Voltage Stackable Series comes with two types, single-module 3kWh(FD3000A) and single-module 5kWh(FD5000C).

FD3000A can achieve voltage from 204.8V to 716.8V for various demands after stacking. Stackable design makes them easily be expanded from single module to multiple modules upon actual needs.

High Voltage Stackable Battery System 3kWh
High Voltage Stackable Battery System 3kWh
High Voltage Stackable Battery System 3kWh
High Voltage Stackable Battery System 3kWh
Product Features
  • Safe & Endurable

    Self-developed BMS provides the ultmost protection to battery, compatible with major Inverter brands.

  • Effortless Connection

    Stackable design, module connection can be done within minutes.

  • For Ongrid Inverters

    Work with hybrid(on/off grid) inverters that feed the power to states grid.

  • Modular Design 

    The battery string, control box, and rack base are modular, saving space and facilitating flexible configuration on demand.

  • Easy to Expand

    Support 3-phase circuit connection. The power of a single module is 3.072kWh, which can be easily expanded through series stacking to meet the power demand from 6.144kWh to 21.504kWh.

  • Smart BMS

    Powerful intelligent BMS, anti-overheating, over-charging, over-discharge and other multiple protection design, continue to ensure the stable operation of the battery, improve the battery performance, while extending the battery life.

Special Features
  • 2PS32S

    LiFePO4 cells

  • 102.4V~614V

    High voltage

  • 3.072kWh

    Battery energy

  • ≥6000

    Cycle life

  • 3years


Single module specification FD3000A
Rated capacity 30Ah
Rated energy 3.072kWh
Nominal voltage 102.4V
Charge cut-off voltage 116V
Discharge Cut-off Voltage 86.4V
Rated charge current 15A
Rated discharge current 30A
Size 520*350*186mm
Weight 25kg
Protection level IP65
Working temperature Charge: 0~50℃
Discharge: -20~60℃
Storage temperature 10~35℃
Stacking specification FD3000A
NOS of Modules 2 3 4 5 6 7
Rated energy  6.144kWh 9kWh 12kWh 15kWh 18kWh 18kWh
Battery capacity 30Ah
Rated voltage 203.8V 307.2V 409.6V 512.0V 614.4V 716.8V
Working voltage range 160~233.6V 240~350.2V 320~467.2V 400~584.0V 480~700.8V 560~817.6V
Configuration 2P64S 2P96S 2P128S 2P160S 2P192S 2P224S
Battery type LFP
Cycle life ≥6000
Rated charging current 15A
Rated discharging current 30A
Display LCD
Communication CAN
Working temperature Charge: 0~55℃    Discharge: -20~60℃
Storage temperature 10~35℃
Environmental humidity 0~95%
Application altitude 2000m
Size 520*350*624mm 520*350*800mm 520*350*976mm 520*350*1152mm 520*350*1328mm 520*350*1504mm
Weight 64kg 89kg 114kg 139kg 164kg 189kg
Protection level IP65
Installation Ground stacking
UN38.3/MSDS/ICE 62619/ICE 62477-1/ICE61000-6-1//ICE61000-6-3/ROHS/WEEE



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