Customer Success Story: Energizing Budapest with Innovative Battery Solutions

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Project Location: Budapest, Hungary

Delivery Date: June 2023


Background and Challenge:

Budapest, known for its commitment to sustainability, faced a challenge in transitioning to green energy. The goal was to implement an energy system that harmonized with the city’s dynamic lifestyle without causing disruptions.



Our response was a blend of high voltage Lithium Batteries and advanced solar and energy storage solutions. We delivered:


Four 3kW battery modules (12kWh total) as part of our battery pack home system.

Five additional 3kW modules, reaching a 15kWh capacity, tailored for solar power storage for home applications.

These units, known for their high efficiency and reliability, were a perfect fit for Budapest's energy upgrade. Designed for high performance, our stackable battery systems are engineered to provide uninterrupted power, scalability, and are environmentally friendly.


We collaborated with Budapest’s energy specialists to integrate our battery systems, focusing on enhancing the city's renewable energy infrastructure. The installation, completed in June 2023, was a leap forward in Budapest's green initiative.


Results and Impact:

Post-installation, Budapest experienced a noticeable improvement in energy efficiency and reliability. The project:

Enhanced the city's renewable energy capacity.

Reduced carbon emissions significantly, contributing to environmental conservation.

Demonstrated reliability in diverse weather conditions and urban settings.


Product Links:

3kW High Voltage Stackable Battery System - 12kWh

3kW High Voltage Stackable Battery System - 15kWh


Budapest's successful adoption of our innovative battery solutions highlights the effectiveness of our high voltage Lithium Battery packs in urban energy transformation. It not only underscores our commitment to innovative technology and sustainable development but also highlights the potential of our products in transforming urban energy systems. We are proud to have played a pivotal role in Budapest's green journey and look forward to empowering more cities and businesses with our sustainable energy solutions.


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