RAJA New Energy signed a strategic cooperation agreement with China Tower

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On February 13th, Yajun New Energy signed a strategic cooperation agreement with China Tower in Chengdu. The two sides will further deepen cooperation in communication base station energy storage, light truck and two-wheeled vehicle power change, independent energy storage power station project and so on. Li Chunyuan, Vice general manager of Tower Energy Co., LTD. Sichuan Branch, Zhuang Bing, Vice general manager of Tower Energy Co., LTD. Sichuan Branch, Huang Weidong, president of Yajun New Energy, Dai Runyi, vice president, attended the signing ceremony.

During the meeting, the two sides had in-depth exchanges on the content and prospects of cooperation. Mr. Huang expressed his gratitude to China Tower for its support and trust, and highlighted the latest technologies and products of Yajun New Energy in the field of energy storage, as well as the progress of the main business of photovoltaic and energy storage. It is hoped that the two sides will deepen mutual trust and mutual benefit, expand cooperation scale, innovate cooperation ecology, deepen strategic partnership, actively promote the implementation of new energy storage technologies, new models and new applications, accelerate green and low-carbon energy transformation, and jointly build a new zero-carbon future.

Mr. Li Chunyuan expressed his admiration for the development achievements made by Sineng Electric in the field of new energy, and expressed his expectation that both parties would further exert their respective advantages, continuously expand cooperation in energy storage business, realize complementary advantages in resources, technology and market, jointly provide first-class solutions and services for the high-quality development of global energy storage, and make more contributions to the realization of the dual-carbon goal.


RAJA New Energy Technology Co., Ltd, founded in 2014 in Chengdu, is a full-backed company of RAJA New Energy Vehicles Technology Co., Ltd. As the first and leading manufacturer that obtains the Production Qualification of EVs in China, RAJA owns its self-developed BMS, MCU and VCU system.

With the passion for the innovation and application of battery technology, RAJA's Energy Storage Batteries are produced according to the highest standard in EV power batteries.

As of today, over 60% of China's Tunnel Tractors have been installed with RAJA's Large Energy Storage Batteries, RAJA has 260 professional qualifications and over 60 industrial awards.

RAJA's business covers a full range of Electric Truck, EV Batteries, RV batteries, Residential Energy Storage Batteries, Telecom Base Station backup batteries, Energy Solutions.

RAJA's products and solutions have been increasingly recognized worldwide.


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