RAJA Releases Full-line Residential ESS for Household Energy Storage Applications

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Recently, RAJA launched full-line household energy storage system products, including wall-mounted and vertical all-in-one machines, high-voltage and low-voltage stacked and wall-mounted battery modules. As the manufacturer with the most complete residential ESS product line in the market, RAJA's full series products cover the demand of household users from 3kWh to 30kWh.


All-in-one series comes with two models, 4kWh(FA3000A) and 5kWh(FA5000A), both models have been integrated with inverter that is best suited for offgrid solar system. To be designed for homes with demand for small and medium power storage.Plug and use type.

As the leader of electric logistics trucks in China, RAJA has mastered the core three-power technology of new energy. The self-developed BMS, MCU, VCU management system is widely used in the company's production of new energy logistics vehicles, sanitation vehicles and power batteries, energy storage batteries, household energy storage and other products. In the field of new energy lithium battery Pack, we design and produce according to the design standards and specifications of automobile grade batteries. The products are fully inspected before leaving the factory, and have passed rigorous tests such as collision, extrusion, fire and seawater.

High Voltage Stackable Series comes with two types, single-module 3kWh(FD3000A) and single-module 5kWh(FD5000C). FD5000C can achieve voltage from 102V to 307V for various demands after stacking. Stackable design makes them easily be expanded from single module to multiple modules upon actual needs.

Low Voltage Wall Mounting battery System FD5000B comes with 51.2V, single-module for 5kWh energy storage. It's designed with wall mounting brackets which can be fixed onto the wall. Can be expandable in parallel to higher capacity up to 30kWh if needed.

Low Voltage Stackable Series comes with 51.2V, single-module 5kWh(FD5000A), which can be expanded from 5kWh to 15kWh or even more after stacking. Stackable design makes them easily be expanded from single module to multiple modules upon actual needs.

In addition, RAJA also introduced a hybrid inverter family of 5kW single-phase and 8kW three-phase hybrid inverters to support a variety of applications such as photovoltaic, battery, diesel generator, power grid, load simultaneous input for self-use, peak valley compensation, and backup power.

Based on more than 10 years of expertise and experience in electric truck, power battery and energy storage system manufacturing, we are committed to providing global customers with economic, reliable and customized new energy battery products and energy storage solutions. RAJA New Energy provides you with intelligent, efficient, safe and green power, and jointly create a better green future.


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