Telecom Power Supply

Telecom Power Supply

Telecom base station Lithium Iron Phosphate(LiFePO4) battery system is a new type of intelligent unattended circulating lithium battery products, the product has the characteristics of safety, reliability, long cycle life, centralized monitoring, easy installation and maintenance, etc., suitable for all kinds of communication power supply systems and new energy storage systems in areas without mains power and unstable power.

Telecom Power Supply
Product Features
  • High quality cell

    Adopt prismatic cells with high safety and reliability.

  • Automotive Grade Pack Technology

    power battery Pack process, ensure consistent charge-discharge performance and life span.

  • Smart BMS

    Real-time detection of voltage, current, temperature, SOH, and SOC, and a variety of protection.

  • Reliable

    Longer lifespan Laser Welding Rigid tests before shipment.

  • Wide Applicability

    A variety of optional accessories (LCD Display, solar energy storage system, backup power supply, traffic system, emergency lighting equipment, outdoor equipment, etcetc.)

  • Excellent performance

    With high rate discharge and high temperature resistance function, energy saving and emission reduction. With long service life, after 1000 cycles, the capacity is maintained not less than 70%.


Special Features
  • 1P240S

    LiFePO4 Cells

  • 7485V

    Low Valtage

  • 215kWh

    Energy Storage

  • ≥6000

    Battery Cycles

  • 5years


Parameters Technical Specifications
Rated capacity (Ah) 200
Rated energy (kWh)


Nominal voltage (V) 51.2
Cell specifications 3.2V 200Ah
System configuration 1P16S
size (mm) 440*264*419(exeluding hanging ear handle)
weight (Kg)


Charging Cut-off Voltage (V) 56.4
Discharge Cut-off Voltage (V)


Rated Charge current  (A) 200
Rated Discharge current (А)


30s Discharge current (А)


Working Temperature (℃)

Charging: 0-45

Discharging: 10-60

Storage Temperature (℃)


Note: The temperature condition is 25 ± and 2°C.

Project Cases

Residential ESS

Austrilia 20.58kWp

Inverter 10kW Battery FD5000C-20kWh

Residential ESS

Austrilia 20.58kWp

Inverter 10kW Battery FD5000C-20kWh

Residential ESS

Austrilia 20.58kWp

Inverter 10kW Battery FD5000C-20kWh


Residential ESS

Thanks to its combination with photovoltaic systems, YAJUN House ESS makes green energy available 24/7, providing a clean electricity solution for your own solar-powered home. If you are looking for a home solution that is safe, reliable and easy to install, the YAJUN is ideal for homeowners using solar power. Enjoy your unparalleled green energy experience, optimal solar energy use, reduced electricity bills and much more.

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YAJUN provides commercial and industrial energy solutions for EPCs, developers, and owner-operators to utilize the roof resources. With unrivalled technical expertise and optimized design, GoodWe can comprehensively drive new revenue streams and project value for our users with high-current PV module compatibility.

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Balcony Solar System

The balcony solar system is specially designed for small Spaces such as balconies or terraces micro-photovoltaic power stations. Combined with an intelligent management platform, the solution can generate clean, renewable energy to power a home or apartment. it is an ideal choice for owners who do not want to occupy outdoor space or lack outdoor installation space.

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PV power station integrated solution

PV power station integrated solution integrates solar, storage, and charging station system into a single solution, which not only meets the challenges related to limited land and electrical capacity resources but also achieves a balance between local energy production and electrical load through energy storage and optimal configuration.

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